Value proposition

The new 3DM laser light source offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Superior printing quality – Achieved through increased laser-spot resolution and accurate sintering in the Z axis, with no negative thermal effect on the material’s lower layers.

  • Material flexibility – The 3DM laser can be adapted to emit at any wavelength in the mid-IR range. We leverage that adaptability to perfectly align the emitted wavelength to the energy absorption peak of the thermoplastic material family. The result is the ability to support virtually all thermoplastic materials to include PA12, PA11, PA6, TPU (used in consumer goods like shoes), high-end materials such as Peek and Ultem (needed for military and aerospace applications). Another important benefit of the laser is that it eliminates the need for plastic absorbent additives (often used in today's industrial machines) which may harm and degrade the plastic.

  • Lower printing prices – The light source miniaturization and low cost enable the introduction of multiple laser print heads, resulting in throughput that is increased tenfold (tens of liters per hour compared to only a few liters today) and printing speeds that can go down to around 1 second per layer, no matter the size of the printing bed. This performance breakthrough is even more impressive considering that 3DM accurate sintering technology enables complete re-use of the plastic powder after printing. This leads to huge savings on raw materials, cutting consumption by half. This overall savings significantly reduces costs, moving the break-even point for AM versus molding to tens of thousands of pieces per batch.